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breakneck / головокружительный, опасный
имя прилагательное
dizzy, breakneck, giddy, vertiginous, splitting
dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, perilous, risky, breakneck
имя прилагательное
dangerously or extremely fast.
he drove at breakneck speed
But as it sped down the highway at a breakneck speed, it advanced towards him.
When you are careering down the motorway at the breakneck speed of forty-five miles per hour, make sure you sit in the middle lane.
Meanwhile, every train in every direction was cruising by at breakneck speed, which only added to the frustration.
Breathlessly we run faster and faster at a breakneck speed to a destination we neither know nor can ever reach.
I want an extremely clear head so that if I see the floor approaching at breakneck speed I can at least close my eyes before I hit it.
In the cobbled backstreets mustachioed old men in tweed jackets and gaiters drive decorated carts at breakneck speeds.
As I got closer, they left their temporary hideouts at breakneck speed, both of them diving down the same hole.
His consciousness leaps backwards and forwards at breakneck speed.
Brown has created the veritable page-turner, a book that moves at a breakneck speed along the edge of a cliff.
The fog, though, doesn't slow the vessel down, as it skims across a calm sea at breakneck speed.