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breakfast / завтрак, утренний завтрак
имя существительное
breakfast, luncheon, brunch, bite, brekker
утренний завтрак
breakfast, have breakfast, lunch, tiffin
имя существительное
a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.
I often have toast for my breakfast
eat breakfast.
she breakfasted on French toast and bacon
Fourteen people were asked to eat a different breakfast on each of four mornings.
After a traditional breakfast on Tuesday morning, we will set off again for Baikonur.
To mark the departure we had a breakfast yesterday morning at Nikau just within my team.
He lived with a couple called Mr and Mrs Birdikin above their shop and used to eat a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs every day.
All it was, it seems, was a bad pint of beer and not his breakfast on a Sunday morning.
The two sows and piglets are are a bit annoyed this morning - their breakfast is late.
I don't eat breakfast
I was in Starbucks opposite the British Library this morning having my breakfast .
The shop was already open, though it was early in the morning and Höß was still eating his breakfast .
breakfast ready!