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breaker / выключатель, прерыватель, нарушитель
имя существительное
switch, breaker, cutout, tumbler switch
breaker, chopper, interrupter, circuit breaker, vibrator, ticker
violator, perpetrator, breaker, disturber
crusher, mill, grinder, breaker, cracker, disintegrator
имя существительное
a heavy sea wave that breaks into white foam on the shore or a shoal.
In a split second all eyes turned eastward and there, at the end of Telescope Point, was the white sail barely visible as it competed with the white foam of the breakers .
a person or thing that breaks something.
a rule-breaker
a person who interrupts the conversation of others on a Citizens' Band radio channel, indicating a wish to transmit a message.
a break dancer.
Bruises, sprained wrists and ankles, and dislocated shoulders are not uncommon for a breaker .
What most striking is that this move is now not likely to be the deal maker or breaker .
The real deal maker or breaker will be the PS3's price though, too low and they are just going to lose too much money, which they certainly can't afford, and too high and they run the risk of reduced sales.
Add to that: vain, an inveterate breaker of promises, a gambler and a lover of alibis, and the picture becomes ever more confusing.
A break-dancer is also known as a breaker .
They have solid depth up front, but lack a true game breaker in the open ice, despite their overall skating skill.
Okta argues that this would be to apply the general rule that damages are to be assessed on the basis that the contract breaker would have performed the contract in the way that would have benefited it most.
And if either of you break the pact the other person you shook with gets to hurt the promise breaker in some way.
Bruises, sprained wrists and ankles, and dislocated shoulders are not uncommon for a breaker .
Companies looking to acquire other businesses sometimes make customer service a deal breaker .
Nicholas said the work - cutting through the remains of a huge concrete safe - had been strenuous and they had taken it in turns to operate the breaker .