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breakdown / пробой, распад, разрушение
имя существительное
breakdown, puncture, breakthrough, disruption, perforation, rupture
decay, disintegration, decomposition, breakdown, breakup, dissolution
destruction, disruption, breakdown, demolition, collapse, disintegration
имя существительное
a mechanical failure.
Most of the contenders in the JWRC suffered mechanical breakdowns , punctures or accidents.
a failure of a relationship or system.
the breakdown of their marriage
the chemical or physical decomposition of something.
the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites
a lively, energetic American country dance.
the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites
the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites
Chemical degradation is the breakdown of pesticides by processes that do not involve living organisms.
Do you feel responsible at all for the breakdown in the relationship with the media?
The town of Katima Mulilo was reported to have faced power failures and a breakdown in communications due to land lines having been affected by the rain.
Decomposition is the breakdown of these organisms, and the release of nutrients back into the environment, and is one of the most important roles of the bacteria.
The breakdown of the polymer coating is heat unit related, not triggered directly by temperature.
a breakdown in military discipline
Though there was enough food and water on board to sustain her, she was on the verge of a mental breakdown and wouldn't eat.
Catabolic processes such as solubilization and breakdown of cell wall polymers dominate in this situation, although there are reports of new cell wall synthesis also occurring.