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breakaway / отрыв, отход, прекращение боя
имя существительное
breakaway, avulsion, estrangement
withdrawal, retreat, breakaway, backtrack, sailing, retirement
прекращение боя
break, breakaway
уход от защиты
false start, breakaway
имя прилагательное
breakaway, dissenting
имя существительное
a divergence or radical change from something established or long standing.
rock was a breakaway from pop
a sudden attack or forward movement, especially in a bicycle race or in hockey or football.
a winning breakaway
an object, such as a stage prop, designed to break apart easily.
barroom brawls are staged with breakaway furniture
This is a breakaway from the traditional five-night run so be sure to book your seat before it is too late.
And ABC has the breakaway hit Millionaire airing thrice weekly throughout the summer.
rock was a breakaway from pop
This led to an increased number of participation of players from the Soviet breakaway republics in Europe and chess was never the same.
Erin's Own was a breakaway from the existing hurling club in the town, which then disbanded.
The two breakaway parties made their separate ways northward.
We stock a selection of breakaway chairs, stools, and tables at the best prices in town, with speed and accuracy.
barroom brawls are staged with breakaway furniture
Not only is the BAJ a competing union, it is also a breakaway from the NUJ, having been formed in the early 1990s.
By providing them with the shorts it was intended to symbolize the spiritual and mental breakaway from traditional dress and thought.