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break-even / оставаться при своих, окончиться безубыточно, покрывать свои расходы
оставаться при своих
break even
окончиться безубыточно
break even
покрывать свои расходы
break even, clear one's expenses
имя существительное
the point or state at which a person or company breaks even.
the break-even point
He said the break-even plan was based on the assumption that revenues would not fall significantly from their current levels.
the break-even point
The government's own Cabinet Office puts the break-even rate for most exporters at 115 yen to the dollar.
The break-even price is known as the Ramsey price.
To reach the break-even point, his productions have joined several international film festivals.
Private-label work had helped Viewpoint pass the break-even mark by the end of 1994.
the break-even point
Ceding the desktop PC market, for most a break-even prospect at best, to Dell wouldn't be so bad.
Even if all these steps only got Qwest's fiber-optic network to the break-even point, that might be enough.
For them, these can only be justified if the club enjoys the level of success they had in Europe last term, and which allowed them to reach the magic break-even figure.