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break / перерыв, разрыв, прорыв
имя существительное
break, interruption, pause, interval, rest, intermission
gap, break, rupture, breaking, discontinuity, tear
breakthrough, break, penetration, gap, rupture, blowout
pause, break, interval, rest, stop, hold
break, breach, gap, rupture
break, break down, crack down, bear down, beat down
break, escape, break away, break forth, shoot up, fetch away
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, transgress
break, break down, fracture, destroy, snap, knock down
break, break down, fracture, crack, snap, go
имя существительное
an interruption of continuity or uniformity.
the magazine has been published without a break since 1950
a pause in work or during an activity or event.
I need a break from mental activity
a gap or opening.
the spectacular vistas occasionally offered by a break in the rain forest
an instance of breaking; the point where something is broken.
a break in the valve was being repaired
a player's turn to make the opening shot of a game or a rack.
If you play it for a few hours, and if you develop some consistency in your break , your scores will improve greatly.
separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.
the rope broke with a loud snap
interrupt (a continuity, sequence, or course).
the new government broke the pattern of growth
fail to observe (a law, regulation, or agreement).
the district attorney says she will prosecute retailers who break the law
crush the emotional strength, spirit, or resistance of.
the idea was to better the prisoners, not to break them
undergo a change or enter a new state, in particular.
There was a break in her voice as if she were going to burst out crying.
Daylight began to break , as tired pastel rays of sunlight fell upon Anna's face.
It was created in 1943 to break German codes.
We look forward to organising similar activities during the summer break .
I need a break from mental activity
let's go to the break now
Government indifference and racist violence did not break the movement - in fact it radicalised it.
he stopped to wait for a break in the traffic
he was stretchered off with a break to the leg
Old habits are hard to break .