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breadth / ширина, широта, полотнище
имя существительное
width, breadth, beam, span, face
latitude, breadth, width, catholicity, amplitude
width, breadth, leaf
широкий размах
имя существительное
the distance or measurement from side to side of something; width.
a black sweater outlined the breadth of his shoulders
she has the advantage of breadth of experience
How many individuals in this modern day have the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that these ancient warriors acquired through long centuries of warfare?
Beacon is undeniably dedicated to demonstrating the gravity, breadth and sheer staying power of what these artists have done.
Let us imagine a land of two dimensions, having length and breadth but not height, called Flatland, represented by ABCD in Fig.1.
The 250 objects on view play out the breadth of this coverage.
The book reflects, in fact, Murray's own breadth of experience and the range of her social and spiritual vision.
The length and breadth of the country benefits from the services of the home care nurses who work tirelessly, to bring solace to those caught up in the trauma.
The adjacent low-lying ground, for half a mile in breadth , is a stagnant river, with melancholy trees for islands in it, and a surface punctured all over, all day long, with falling rain.
the boat measured 27 feet in breadth
Nor, having only length, breadth , and thickness, can a cube have a real existence.