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breadline / очередь безработных
имя существительное
очередь безработных
имя существительное
a line of people waiting to receive free food.
Our grandparents survived the Great Depression, the breadlines , the shanties, the World Wars, Viet Nam, and so many more things that we can't put into our own short lifespan.
His multi-figure bronze casts portray a breadline , an Appalachian farm couple and a man listening to one of FDR's fireside chats.
they are not well off, but they are not on the breadline
A motley crew of hapless musicians and street performers are seen trying to cheer up citizens in what appears to be a breadline .
Organized by sleazy promoters who manipulated the outcome and lured hungry couples out of the breadlines and into the competition with the promise of free meals, the marathons lasted for days, even months.
It's all smokestacks and breadlines for him, who actually cites The Grapes of Wrath in his euphoric defense of government run programs.
Moscow used to be famous for its bare shelves and breadlines .
Nine crazy years at the ticker and three long years in the breadlines !
It became very difficult to imagine comforting future soldiers with the promise of an Arcadian ‘world-before-the-war’ when that world, the last ‘after-war,’ had rewarded heroes with breadlines .
The piece opens by acknowledging the popularity of breadlines among bourgeois urban explorers, and their status as sociological and literary conventions.
In truth, we're a long way from breadlines , and policymakers understand the forces that move the economy today much better than they did then.