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breadfruit / плод хлебного дерева, хлебное дерево
имя существительное
плод хлебного дерева
хлебное дерево
breadfruit, breadfruit-tree
имя существительное
the large, round, starchy fruit of a tropical tree, which is used as a vegetable and sometimes to make a substitute for flour.
These animals have fed only on the finest tropical fruits (mangoes and breadfruit are their favourites).
the large evergreen tree that bears the breadfruit, which is widely cultivated on the islands of the Pacific and the Caribbean.
The well-known breadfruit tree brought to the island by Captain Bligh in 1793 was first planted here, and its descendants are still to be found in the gardens.
In Jamaica, where there's no Thai food available, she might use breadfruit or yams.
In the older islands a larger layer of topsoil has formed, and these islands are covered with coconut trees, breadfruit , and dense shrubs.
Resembling a small breadfruit , noni comes from a hardy tropical shrub that grows with weed-like abandon from Tonga to Thailand.
Native-grown breadfruit , mango, soursop, pawpaw, and cashews are regarded by some locals as less desirable food.
Among the island's abundant fruits are bananas, mangos, breadfruit , guavas, plumrose, coconuts, passion fruits, and pineapples.
Since food knows no boundaries, here's to breadfruit and star fruit, polenta and perogies - it's all there to be discovered.
People also enjoy salads and fruit desserts of mango, papaya, breadfruit , and pineapple.
We lunched at Black Point, on smoked herring, vegetables, breadfruit , and the most unforgettable coconut dumplings, all provided by our good Sailor.
The agricultural sector is made up of cattle ranches and small farms producing coconuts, breadfruit , tomatoes, and melons.
These animals have fed only on the finest tropical fruits (mangoes and breadfruit are their favourites).