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bread / хлеб, кусок хлеба, пища
имя существительное
bread, tommy, rooty, soft tack
кусок хлеба
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, bread
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, bread
средства к существованию
livelihood, subsistence, means of subsistence, sustenance, living, bread
обваливать в сухарях
bread, crumb
имя существительное
food made of flour, water, and yeast or another leavening agent, mixed together and baked.
a loaf of bread
I hate doing this, but I need the bread
History offers numerous examples of pious Roman Catholic women who claim to exist on the wine and bread of the Holy Sacrament alone.
I hate doing this, but I need the bread
The same scheme will be applied to yoghurts, margarine, bread yeast, ice creams and vermouths.
After all, the consecrated bread had become body, and a body already contains blood.
I hate doing this, but I need the bread
Unfortified whole wheat bread and bread baked from cake flour will still be available.
She's going to be tired and irritable, and bound to bring up the subject of who earns the bread .
The church is necessary, because we cannot break the bread and drink the wine alone.
Thirdly, the breaking of bread reminds us that the church lives under the shadow of the cross.
a loaf of bread