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brazil / пирит, серный колчедан
имя существительное
pyrite, pyrites, brazil
серный колчедан
pyrites, brazil
имя существительное
the largest country in South America, in the east-central part of the continent, on the Atlantic Ocean; population 198,739,300 (est. 2009); capital, Brasilia; official language, Portuguese.
a large three-sided nut with an edible kernel, several of which grow inside a large woody capsule. Brazil nuts grow on a South American forest tree, and most are harvested in the wild.
Other foods to stay clear of are tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, Brazils , hazelnuts and walnuts), sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy produce.
a hard red wood obtained from a tropical tree and from which dyes may be obtained.
Many were impossible for Huguette to do by herself, such as the engraving of a cross in rock-hard Brazil wood or the levitation of crosses and relics by invisible means.