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bray / кричать, издавать неприятный звук, толочь
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, bray
издавать неприятный звук
jar, bray
pound, crush, beat, grind, crumble, bray
имя существительное
крик осла
bray, heehaw
резкий звук
scream, jangle, snap, jar, zip, bray
неприятный резкий звук
имя существительное
the loud, harsh cry of a donkey or mule.
The donkey emitted a laugh-like bray .
(of a donkey or mule) utter a bray.
His smiles almost never touch his lips, except when he is braying with laughter or doing something much more intimate.
pound or crush (something) to small pieces, typically with a pestle and mortar.
He was like that: he'd just bray somebody for no reason.
Public voices used to bray on about heroism and sacrifice.
Rippling amongst the voices were the sounds of horses and dogs and the occasional bray of a donkey, the clank and scrape of metal, the clang of forges working hard to repair damages and the low, mellow crackle of fires.
Their typical call is a commingled bray and bleat, followed by a snorted inhale sounding like an oak dining table being dragged across a hardwood floor.
the mule uttered its insane bray
Dori's airhorn had a decidedly different tone than Devon's, and the resulting sound was a bray that was both loud and atonal.
They take notice of nothing in the world, only they seem to see and smell victuals, at the approach of which they will gape, and be very restless, and make something of a bray .
A horrible scream could be heard, a mix of a horse's angry bray , and a cat's yowl.
I walked away, and as I stopped to rest the book on a shelf and sign it, I heard the manager and stockboy laugh, a brief explosive bray that just might have been at my expense.
I dismounted the donkey and it let out another loud bray .
Yet what galls me is how the critics constantly bray on about how deep the movie is.