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brawn / мускулы, мускульная сила, свинина
имя существительное
brawn, thews
мускульная сила
brawn, thews
pork, pig, brawn
студень из свиной головы
имя существительное
physical strength in contrast to intelligence.
commando work required as much brain as brawn
meat from a pig's or calf's head that is cooked and pressed in a pot with jelly.
Medieval English pork recipes included pies, brawn , and little rissoles.
On exams that measure brawn and physical aptitude, your score is not fixed - it can improve over time.
Not all types of migrants are welcome, however, since these countries need more brains than brawn .
Now that we're all a little older and a little wiser we're on the lookout for men with more brains than brawn - although a bit of both is the best combination.
Put them together, though, and you've got a downhill firecracker with brawn and brains.
Tired of carefully scripted shows, viewers welcome a touch of reality through localized versions of Western programs that pit ordinary people against each other in contests of brain and brawn .
At a recent meeting, organised by its sub-zonal headquarters here, it trained 100 youths to become catalysts of change by making the best combination of brain and brawn .
He is a clever and levelheaded warrior, who knows when brawn is better than brain.
commando work required as much brain as brawn
Their strength and brawn have always put Tipp off a bit.
And you have the intelligence of a T-rex by the way, all brawn and no brain.