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brawl / скандалить, ссориться, драться
row, brawl, roughhouse, act up, rag
quarrel, brawl, bicker, fall out, fuss, dispute
fight, spar, brawl, scuffle, bicker, scramble
make noise, noise, bluster, sound off, din, brawl
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, brawl
имя существительное
шумная ссора
brawl, fracas, fray, flare-up, set-to
уличная драка
aggro, brawl
уличный скандал
murmur, murmuring, gurgling, purl, ripple, brawl
имя существительное
a rough or noisy fight or quarrel.
As a nurse, she had seen victims of bar fights and street brawls , but these wounds were some of the worst she had seen.
fight or quarrel in a rough or noisy way.
But how can our economy get better if we are always engaged in fighting and brawling with each other?
It is often a clash of egos with no more interest than a street brawl .
a street brawl
he'd got into a drunken brawl in a bar
From her vantage point, however, Em was only given a view of the drunken brawl , which had deteriorated into a hissy fight.
It was easy to turn a drunken brawl into a gunfight.
The camera weaves its way through a motley crew of punk and ‘new wave’ types as they carouse, brawl , and struggle to assert themselves over the noise and chaos.
The case involved charges arising from a vicious brawl in a sports bar.
He was able to hold his own in any society and at other times brawl with the roughest of the rough in the bush pubs where he often drank to excess.
Now what about in an altercation like a pub brawl or a street brawl where someone is bitten?
There was peace at last and only the infrequent traffic in Wilde Street and a drunken brawl or two outside disturbed the peace of our new home.