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bravura / бравурность, бравада, бравурная пьеса
имя существительное
bravado, bravura
бравурная пьеса
имя существительное
great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity.
the recital ended with a blazing display of bravura
I feel a little churlish raising this because they were certainly an enjoyable pair to watch and undoubtedly gave everything to achieve really bravura performances.
It was an Oscar-winning, bravura performance.
a bravura performance
the show of bravura hid a guilty timidity
When reading, hearing or viewing art, we are drawn to bravura performances, I think, by an essentially primitive approval of self-possession wherever it may be found.
Part of the delight of watching her pivot gracefully from steely composure to histrionic distress comes from the feeling of witnessing two bravura performances at once.
We peer through it into another world, while we applaud its bravura performance in this one.
It certainly benefits from the addition of qualities previously rare in his work: robust pacing, greater narrative coherence and a series of bravura performances.
a bravura performance
Indeed, his work has actually been criticised for placing too great an emphasis on bravura technical skills at the expense of these other properties.