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bravo / браво
имя существительное
bandit, thug, gangster, gunman, mobster, bravo
наемный убийца
hitman, hired assassin, hatchet man, bravo, jackal
имя существительное
a cry of bravo.
bravos rang out
a code word representing the letter B, used in radio communication.
Well, what they had was a series of camps: alpha, bravo , Charlie, et cetera.
a thug or hired assassin.
Men have before hired bravos to transact their crimes, while their own person and reputation sat under shelter.
used to express approval when a performer or other person has done something well.
people kept on clapping and shouting “bravo!”
A big thanks to our special guests, those who worked in the Erris lace schools during the 40's and 50's, who braved a cold and blustery night to be present, bravo !
Indeed, Digby, bravo on mastering the art of the paraphrase in mere weeks.
And if he wins out under those circumstances, bravo !
I immediately raised the flaps and began full braking, slowing enough to take an instinctive left turn off the runway onto taxiway bravo as the prop windmilled to a halt.
This carries over to every level, right down to the new soldier who is now both a rifleman and squad designated marksman on alpha team, or a rifleman and Javelin gunner on bravo team.
Another unhappy aspect of applause - or shouts of bravo , brava, or bravi, not to mention those rock-concert-style whoops of pleased amazement - is the way in which it breaks into the mood of the dance.
My mother and sister and I watched my dad tell the press off that morning, and at the end of the speech my mother just stood up and said, bravo !
But there again, she went for a color and something different and bravo , why not?
It's twenty-eight years too late, but bravo , James, for being relentlessly Spock-like!
‘That was wonderful, Andrews, bravo ,’ she said nodding her head and clapping.