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bravery / храбрость, мужество
имя существительное
bravery, courage, gallantry, mettle, spirit, spunk
courage, bravery, guts, fortitude, virility, heart
имя существительное
courageous behavior or character.
The officers showed tremendous courage and bravery in tackling a very difficult situation.
She taught us the deepest meaning of love, respect, compassion, courage and bravery .
Those who demonstrate bravery and take a stand through the proper channels should be celebrated.
perhaps I'll get a medal for bravery
A lovable rogue has been recognised for his bravery nearly 100 years after his death.
I saw a news report the other night which contained coverage of awards for bravery .
Anyone who can has to be admired for they have a strength of character and bravery which I do not possess.
They made it back with a combination of bravery , tenacity and good fortune.
Warminster Library is to host a special party for D-Day veterans to spread their tales of bravery .
The heroic policeman who saved a baby from the wrecked car will receive a medal in recognition of his bravery .
The crowd loved this display of clowning bravery and the modern bullfight was born.