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bravado / бравада, хвастовство, показная смелость
имя существительное
bravado, bravura
boasting, bragging, boast, ostentation, bluster, bravado
показная смелость
напускная храбрость
имя существительное
a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.
Swagger and arrogance is all very well but until that huge European Cup is hoisted aloft it is merely bluster and bravado .
Amid all the glorious fanfares and bravado there will be some frightened and anxious people.
We recognise the familiar cushions and head rests, the trepidation of take-off and disguise of bravado .
The lawyer bobbed and weaved, then fielded questions with a touch of his own unique brand of bravado .
Later, alcohol-fuelled bravado saw him insist that he could do a better job than his friend driving to a nightclub.
The fans are awestruck and their earlier bravado quickly disappears.
His swaggering bravado has turned me and a number of people I know way off.
He had certainly done his best to conceal it with his bluster and bravado and big bad persona.
Faking bravado , I wave my hands about as a shopper walks by, and call out that I'm being prevented from leaving.
Despite such bravado , oil prices rose to near-record highs in trading as jittery markets reacted to the alert.
It's for bravado or to be cool, but it inevitably ends in disaster.