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brassiere / лифчик, бюстгальтер
имя существительное
brassiere, camisole, slip
bra, brassiere, brasserie, uplift
The Miller system also included a bosom support for stout women; it could be classed as the first brassiere .
Even before the corset or the brassiere , in the Middle Ages pouches sewn in to dresses could give uplift.
He said her brassiere was showing and he took off his shirt and put it on her.
This track, with its lilting verses and gently lifting (sounds like a brassiere , but it isn't) accordion phrase, stays in my head, tranquilizing me.
That's right, a brassiere to conceal a hidden handgun.
Belly dancers wear a tight garment similar to a brassiere , and wide, flowing trousers gathered at the ankle.
This was when the women's liberation movement was in full swing, and the brassiere was regarded as an offending piece of ‘body machinery’, designed by men and foisted on women.
From September 2002 to September of this year, Chinese imports of cotton brassieres shot up 53 percent.
Tourists shamed them with their stares and cameras, and all too soon they had to ask friends to bring brassieres from shops in Jakarta.
Likewise, halter-necked tops require halter-necked brassieres (or strapless, depending on how low the front and back sit).