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brasserie / пивной бар, пивная, бюстгальтер
имя существительное
пивной бар
pub, brasserie, alehouse, beerhouse, porterhouse, public house
bra, brassiere, brasserie, uplift
имя существительное
an informal restaurant, especially one in France or modeled on a French one and with a large selection of drinks.
For more informal meetings, there is also the lobby lounge with an open terrace overlooking the boulevard, the French and international brasseries , or L' Olivier Restaurant offering cuisines from south-east France.
The restaurant also presents first-class furniture and wall ornaments that create a romantic atmosphere, making it resemble a ubiquitous brasserie in France.
Tofu is to this peculiar style of restaurant what frites are to a French brasserie .
There's still a pubby feel to this rambling old inn - although a strong relationship with local suppliers has transformed the place into a first-class brasserie and restaurant.
At first it might seem madness to suggest that this elegant restaurant with the mosaic-tile floors and art-covered paneled walls is a bargain, but consider its brasserie style.
We had opted for the brasserie instead of the restaurant because it gave us more flexibility.
All the rooms are individually designed and a brasserie and bar serves classic French dishes and drink.
That is, if they can avoid the temptations on the menus in the four restaurants: a glass-roofed breakfast room, a terrace restaurant, a brasserie and Jaan, a Michelin-starred dining experience.
It was established as a two-tier restaurant with a Michelin-starred restaurant on one floor, and a brasserie on the other.
There's been a resurgence in steakhouses at clubs, pubs, brasseries and restaurants.
With a diverse cityscape filled with brasseries and a few Michelin-starred restaurant to choose from, diners in London are exposed to a number of dining out options.