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brass / латунь, медь, начальство
имя существительное
brass, composition metal
copper, brass, cuprum
brass, authority, top-brass
желтая медь
liner, insert, bushing, bush, box, brass
имя прилагательное
copper, brazen, brass, brassy, cupreous
brass, brassy, aeneous
покрывать латунью
нагло вести себя
brazen out, sauce, brass
имя существительное
a yellow alloy of copper and zinc.
a brass plate on the door
The brass section of an orchestra typically consists of trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas.
The crude drawer handles made at Byrdcliffe of wrought iron, brass , and copper have retained their original dull surface.
Unless the military brass feels comfortable that certain sectors of the industry remain competitive, it has the ability to quash the deal.
Nearly all were made of electroplated brass , copper, or nickel silver (a white metal alloy).
The military brass insisted that the only way to reduce the term of service for conscripts to one year would be to draft twice as many men as it does at present.
Yet he is silent on how the military brass (including himself) responded to the horrors.
a brass plate on the door
Once in office, he quickly moved to finalise the accord, in order to end the legal cases and protect the military brass .
It is such a soft and pliable metal that it needs to be alloyed with other metals, into brass or bronze, before it can be used for a structural purpose.
But all he has done so far is alienate the military brass , defense industry execs, and Congress.