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brandish / размахивать, потрясать оружием, махать
swing, swish, wave, brandish, shake, flourish
потрясать оружием
wave, swing, flap, wag, switch, brandish
wave or flourish (something, especially a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.
This was soon displaced by another stereotype, a bearded guerilla fighter brandishing an automatic weapon.
Security guards brandish automatic weapons in front of all the Jakarta business hotels, poised to ward off potential terrorist attacks.
There was no order to brandish weapons, push journalists around and fire into the air.
Suddenly, a tall and stately golden figure saw us and brandished his weapon menacingly.
For the longest while their claim was based only on the sagas, their epic tales starring Eric the Red, his son Leif, Olaf Tryggvesson, and other mighty mariners and brandishers of the battle-axe.
The shopkeeper was assaulted when four youths entered his shop brandishing the weapons and stole a sum of money.
So, at the top of the stairs I pointed out to him that he was brandishing a dangerous weapon and he could hurt someone.
The students were apprehended by police on Tuesday evening in London Road, where one of them was found to be brandishing a toy gun.
The raider was brandishing a weapon which gardai have refused to be more specific about.
Armed police stormed a house in Rotherham following reports of a man walking the streets brandishing a pistol.
Those elements are presentationally dangerous for brandishers of sincerity, and so are censored out.