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bramble / ежевика, куманика
имя существительное
blackberry, bramble, dewberry
bramble, brambleberry
имя существительное
a prickly scrambling vine or shrub, especially a blackberry or other wild shrub of the rose family.
Gone were the blossoms of blackthorns, brambles , sweet roses, violets, and pungent garlics.
Rare plant life which has perished includes cloudberry, a sub-arctic bramble , which thrives on moorland peat bogs.
He dips his chin, and just as an expectant gasp ripples through the crowd, Eddie launches himself over the wall into a bramble of wild roses.
Eight basic factors must be considered in selecting a site for a bramble planting.
Once, out picking blackberries, he over-reached and fell headlong into the prickly bramble .
My mother was stretching up to reach the blackberries within the bramble .
I heard their mad dash through the bramble , the blackberry thorns tearing at their sneakers and shorts.
And there she went, leaving only a bit of her skirts behind on the rose brambles .
And at the other end is a garden all in brambles and briar rose.
Shrouded in bracken and blackberry brambles is a bush dangling dozens of berries like Christmas tree ornaments.
I sprinted through brambles and thorned blackberry bushes and pushed my way past overgrown, waist-high swordfern.