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brake / тормоз, чаща, трепало
имя существительное
brake, drag, catch, cataract
thicket, thick, bush, covert, brake, bosk
beater, stick, scutcher, swingle, brake
fern, brake
bush, shrub, scrub, shrubbery, brushwood, brake
имя прилагательное
brake, inhibit, slow down, hamper, retard, backpedal
brake, apply the brake
comb, swingle, brake, scutch, break, deckle
knead, work, masticate, batter, brake, impaste
crush, crumple, rumple, crease, wrinkle, brake
имя существительное
a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels.
he slammed on his brakes
an open, horse-drawn, four-wheeled carriage.
The cost of travelling by alternative means such as coach or brake was prohibitive over a season, so the railways were vital.
a toothed instrument used for crushing flax and hemp.
The farmer passed handfuls of flax through a tool called a flax brake to break up the hard inner core.
a thicket.
It is one of those thickets or brakes in which the cane grows from twelve to thirty feet in height.
make a moving vehicle slow down or stop by using a brake.
drivers who brake abruptly
I have myself, on numerous occasions, had to brake hard to avoid a dog crossing the street.
The basic rule is to apply hard pressure to the brake pedal and leave it there.
a brake pedal
The driver of the stolen car suddenly executed a handbrake turn and spun around in the opposite direction, causing the driver of the police car to brake hard to avoid a collision.
The names bracken and brake are sometimes also applied to other large, coarse ferns and, as general terms, to a thicket of such plants.
The cost of travelling by alternative means such as coach or brake was prohibitive over a season, so the railways were vital.
Data recorders in air bags can record a car's speed and deceleration and other data such as the pressure on a brake pedal at the time of a crash.
And its lower brake application pressure means shorter stopping distances should the booster fail.
They also feature a brake pedal that moves towards the floor of the vehicle when a crash is detected to avoid possibility of leg injury to the driver.
The word brake or bracken is one of the many plant names from which some of our English surnames are derived, as Brack, Breck, Brackenridge, etc.