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braise / тушить, тушить обжаренное мясо
stew, extinguish, put out, braise, quench, out
тушить обжаренное мясо
имя существительное
тушеное мясо
stew, pot roast, braise
fry (food) lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container.
braised veal
This recipe takes the nontraditional shortcut of having you braise the pork.
With practice, one may saute, bake, steam, braise , simmer, or sear just about anything.
The food is both inventive and hearty - braised belly pork with black pudding, anyone?
Drizzle some braised garlic and lemon sauce around the dish and garnish with chervil.
Have something that involves stewing or braising that you just don't have time to do at home.
Rather, expect braised lettuce, mackerel, and lots of cheap, filling pasta.
The veal with chilli and braised salad was, I must confess, excellent.
Or try braising it lightly as you would spinach.
The grapes sizzled, sputtered, and melted into syrup, basting and braising the sausages in their bubbling juices.
You know what that means: think of a slowly braised oxtail stew that you can eat with a fork or spoon, without recourse to a knife.