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brainwave / блестящая идея, счастливая мысль
имя существительное
блестящая идея
brainwave, brainstorm, wheeze
счастливая мысль
имя существительное
an electrical impulse in the brain.
They hooked me up to an ambulatory EEG, a recent technology that can record brainwaves for three days and nights.
Frank Robinson, John Pemberton's original partner and book-keeper, had suggested the name Coca-Cola and come up with the brainwave that the two flowing Cs would look good on adverts.
What sent me there was a brainwave for a present, so I won't mention the front of the cards I'm buying, but what I have found interesting is the back.
This morning I had the brainwave to make little boxes for Supergang which we would fill with peppermint creams that we can make next week.
the machine records brainwave patterns
It wasn't like I was having a brilliant brainwave though.
It was just a bit of a brainwave and I thought, why not?
Brian had the brainwave for the get-together a year ago.
It is then that the radio mechanic had a brainwave .
Those words hit Rick like stones, a brainwave and an idea quickly ensued.
His brainwave was to replace the current fixed self-sealing rubber splash curtains, which trap a bullet once it has passed through the target and prevent it ricocheting back up the range, with movable curtains.