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brainwash / промывать мозги
промывать мозги
имя существительное
промывание мозгов
brainwashing, brainwash
make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure.
the organization could brainwash young people
That book tries to brainwash you into hating television and it was pretty successful.
He created a number of fictitious characters and situations which he manipulated to brainwash his new friend.
The books are clearly inappropriate for young children and are an outrageous attempt to brainwash our kids.
There's always some conspiracy, it's always the government trying to brainwash you with propaganda.
We have no legal right to prevent our government from trying to brainwash us, however ineptly.
In interviews he said his neighbours had been trying to brainwash him.
Not content with taking our money, they want to brainwash us.
the organization could brainwash young people
Which is all fine and dandy, but the fact remains that vegetables are gross, and no amount of therapy or hypnosis is going to brainwash me into believing otherwise.
Cults brainwash their members into believing that they have no worthwhile thoughts of their own, and give up their right to speak for themselves.