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brainstorm / блестящая идея, припадок безумия, буйный припадок
имя существительное
блестящая идея
brainwave, brainstorm, wheeze
припадок безумия
буйный припадок
душевное потрясение
внезапная идея
имя существительное
a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.
A survey by Business Link revealed that few rated brainstorms or discussions at work with colleagues.
a moment in which one is suddenly unable to think clearly or act sensibly.
Annabel Goldie had a brainstorm - or maybe she's on something - and started flirting with Jack at Question Time.
produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.
a brainstorming session
Still…… then I had a brainstorm : what if, instead of my making the money, I made sure all of the profits went to a worthy not-for-profit organization?
I was in a brainstorm at my company a few months ago, a session of throwing ideas around.
the participants held a brainstorm
Replacement's brainstorm at line-out put Wallabies back in ascendancy and concession of late penalty sealed fate of Lions.
I can't remember seeing a thread on this in The Magick… wanna brainstorm ?
A bureaucrat had a brainstorm , and the three-letter system was born, giving a seemingly endless 17, 576 different combinations.
‘I love the awkwardness of a brainstorm , the tenseness when different ideas come together,’ she says.
He ponders the situation for a moment, then has a brainstorm : he sticks the small red ice-scraper in the snow to mark the spot.
He used to always show up at this annual campus event we'd have during Pride Week, and one year a theatre major had a big brainstorm .
‘The tween is much more sophisticated than people credit,’ Marcy George, US licensing director, says during a merchandising brainstorm session.