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brainpower / научные кадры, научно-техническая интеллигенция
имя существительное
научные кадры
научно-техническая интеллигенция
имя существительное
mental ability; intelligence.
In the decades following the first universal robots, I expect a second generation with mammallike brainpower and cognitive ability.
The relationship between human brainpower and robotic intelligence is to form the basis of a lecture at Swindon's De Vere Hotel.
The project aims to turn brainpower into big business by attracting new investment and selling Manchester as a city of ideas - a so-called Ideopolis.
most humans use only a small fraction of their total useful brainpower
This requires a bit more brainpower , time, and ambition than I have today, but I think I will try to tinker with it soon.
Mercury joining Mars in Leo brings extra brainpower to your creative drive and soul control over your emotions.
The total amount of brainpower focused on the problem will be less as a result.
Pupils at Lord Deramore's Primary School, in Heslington, are taking part in a project to boost their brainpower using good old Corporation pop.
Understand that the more brainpower that is applied to a problem, the better the solution.
Sherlock Holmes is not just the brainiest hero in British literature, he is the only one whose whole reason for existence is brainpower .
This experience shows that anything is possible with some luck - and, of course, brainpower and wit.