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brainless / безмозглый, глупый, безголовый
имя прилагательное
brainless, witless, headless, gormless, addle-brained, addle-headed
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, brainless
headless, brainless, acephalous, forgetful
имя прилагательное
stupid; foolish.
a brainless bimbo
They're about the vulgar, grunting, brainless way in which these subjects are handled.
The series looks cool but is actually quite brainless .
What better place to celebrate brainless caterwauling and noisy drivel?
For once they are not cartoons but people whose intelligence is pleasantly plausible instead of being a brainless plot device.
Any brainless idiot can break something and any halfwit with a box of matches can start a fire.
He's the stupid, brainless one, and I won't give him any satisfaction.
She didn't show the slightest discomfort at being flirtatious or coming across as a brainless bimbo.
I'm all for brainless fun, but the fun got left somewhere behind here.
Churchy is a little too brainless to resist evil at first, though too good-natured to persist in it.
This reductive, brainless jingoism is just too weirdly, sadly topical.