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brainchild / идея, замысел, порождение ума
имя существительное
idea, concept, notion, message, intention, brainchild
plan, design, intention, conception, aim, brainchild
порождение ума
artifice, invention, fiction, fabrication, story, brainchild
оригинальная мысль
имя существительное
an idea or invention considered to be a particular person's creation.
the statue is the brainchild of a local landscape artist
It is the brainchild of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
The collection was the brainchild of staff who work in the perfumery department at the Castle Square department store.
Almost all the steps he announced were the brainchild of the NDA government.
There was a woman who had to sell her brainchild - baby shampoo - to Tesco.
However, as the idea is the brainchild of the council's new chairman, it is likely to receive the board's backing.
Merge-Matic Books is actually the brainchild of The Washington Post.
Was this the brainchild of ironic liberal bureaucrats at the Treasury Department?
The Academy was the brainchild of The Society of Authors, the professional body that represents writers.
This grand design is the brainchild of the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.
The project is the brainchild of East Lancs into Employment, a Harle Syke-based jobs company.