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brain-dead / мозг умер
имя прилагательное
having suffered brain death.
brain-dead patients
He wound up in the same ward as Christian, in Cork University Hospital, brain-dead .
Sort has requested neurologists/neuro surgeons and anaesthesiologists to motivate close relatives of brain-dead patients to donate kidneys and other organs.
Thirty-two hours later she was clinically brain-dead , the result of a cerebral haemorrhage.
Well, these computer images illustrate the placement of the tissue and the muscle that were taken from a brain-dead donor after her family consented.
The AI is basically pathetic; although you have a great deal of control of your teammates through the relatively simple team-control commands, these guys are often as brain-dead as hockey pucks.
Adults will not suffer the boredom often caused by the brain-dead blandness of too many ‘family films,’ but they won't be challenged or energized, either.
A pediatric neurologist, he has studied nearly two hundred brain-dead patients who, with life-support, continued their organic synthesizing unity for significant periods of time.
Week after week we see gangs of brain-dead boneheads invade this part of town hellbent on violence and fuelled by alcohol.
This is a bit above your average brain-dead guitarist.
This brain-dead effort was also designed and directed by Zeffirelli, who seems totally unconcerned with the opera's ambiguities, ideas that have intrigued and perplexed audiences for more than two centuries.