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braid / тесьма, коса, шнурок
имя существительное
braid, tape, lace, webbing, band, inkle
braid, scythe, plait, queue, tress, tongue
lace, string, cord, braid, tie, twine
galloon, braid, lace, gold lace, silver lace, purl
string, tape, braid
weave, spin, braid, plait, twine, wattle
braid, wicker, criss-cross
завязать лентой
заплетать лентой
обшивать тесьмой
имя существительное
threads of silk, cotton, or other material woven into a decorative band for edging or trimming garments.
a coat trimmed with gold braid
a length of hair made up of three or more interlaced strands.
women with long black braids
interlace three or more strands of (hair or other flexible material) to form a length.
their long hair was tightly braided
edge or trim (a garment) with braid.
braided red trousers
(of a river or stream) flow into shallow interwoven channels divided by deposits of sediment.
Large braided rivers can have 20 or more channels at any one location.
An army officer's ultimate posing outfit is, of course, his dress uniform, made to measure while at Sandhurst and decorated with lots of shiny brass buttons and gold braid .
The end of the braid is then passed through the eye of the needle so that about 7cm is pulled through the end.
Her veil off, Shouket wore her hennaed hair in a long braid .
Turquoise creeks braid through the landscape, feeding immense lakes full of brown trout the size of my leg.
The dashboard is decorated in purple velour and gold braid , protected from dust by a fitted polythene cover.
Join the monofilament to the braid with back to back uni or grinner knots.
a flexible copper braid
Although the origin of the word is unknown, an inkle is a coloured tape or braid similar to the braids produced in tablet weaving.
Elegant satin and silk coverings with braid and lace can cost quite a bit.
A pleasant breeze came in blew strands of hair our of my braid .