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braggart / хвастун, фанфарон, бахвал
имя существительное
braggart, bouncer, boaster, blowhard, braggadocio, bully
braggart, fanfaron
braggart, boaster, Rodomonte, flash
имя прилагательное
boastful, braggart, vainglorious, quackish, ostentatious, big
имя существительное
a person who boasts about achievements or possessions.
braggart men
braggart men
He is a braggart with an ego so inflated that he often speaks of himself in the third person.
This braggart weaves astonishing tales of cunning and will while stalking game, and even more preposterous stories of superhuman feats of boozing.
For example, if you know an arrogant person, don't just write him off as a swaggering braggart .
No, because if Todd is anything, he is a braggart .
He, who's a braggart and a drunk and a rat and a scoundrel, at his death bed, says, I find Christ.
I suppose not, although quite frankly I never liked the braggart .
Odysseus was a braggart and a poor winner who couldn't keep his big mouth shut and got punished by the gods for it.
Ronnie was a bully and a braggart , and the fact he was bright and entertaining did not mitigate the fact he was a murderer.
Doris also ventures back into the troubled waters of romance, whether she's being fixed up by her sons with an egotistical lawman or giving a braggart his comeuppance.