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brae / крутой берег реки, склон холма
имя существительное
крутой берег реки
склон холма
hillside, brae, bent
имя существительное
a steep bank or hillside.
Behind it are the braes of the Carse and the Sidlaw Hills and nearby are the villages of Longforgan and Inchture.
The only trio of malt whisky flavour-influencing factors used in their production that are common to whisky and not to wine are the local burn or brae water, plus the malted grain, or barley, and the shape and size of the pot still.
A Land-Rover track past Swordland Lodge branches left, down a brae and past a cairn, through a gateway into Tarbet.
When I returned to town, I was a good deal intoxicated, ranged the streets, and having met with a comely, fresh-looking girl, madly ventured to lie with her on the north brae of the castle hill.
If the market you are trying to attract is people who value going to look at seabirds, sketching and kids playing, you don't want 40 cars driving through the brae , turning at the harbour and going back.
Down the brae , the lights still burn in Girvans, the city's popular café-bar.
a figure was spied struggling up the brae
No moans about the cold, just sheer exhilaration as we swooped down the brae to more photographs.
In the centre of the village, a small side road branched away and climbed a steep brae beyond the houses and back gardens.
Following Christmas Night Mass, there will be a recital of Christmas songs and carols at the foot of the brae , in order to raise funds for the Christmas Lighting.
Elegantly poised ‘tween towering Mt Wellington and a commanding panorama of the Derwent viewed from verdant policies, Government House, Hobart, is a Victorian Gothic pile grand enough to grace any heathered Scottish brae .