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bradley / bradley
имя существительное
a medium-sized tank equipped for use in combat.
In the past, the toughest job in the Army was a Bradley Fighting Vehicle-equipped infantry platoon leader.
More military activity, there's been some Bradleys or Humvees moving around in this area.
As a result, I fell back on my ‘old school’ battle-command techniques of juggling maps in the turret of a Bradley .
And with the trend toward ever-larger sport-utility vehicles, I recommend that you forget the Humvee and go for a Bradley Fighting Vehicle instead.
Then on Haifa Street, guerrillas took out a Bradley fighting vehicle with a car bomb, then sprayed it with machine gun fire and tossed grenades at it.
It's a combat multiplier but it's not like a Bradley fighting vehicle.
I heard an American soldier, a Bradley gunner, say: ‘I was basically looking for any clean walls, you know, without any holes in them.
McVeigh served as a gunner on a Bradley fighting vehicle during the 1991 Gulf War, receiving the Bronze Star and several other medals.
On Thursday, a roadside bomb in northern Baghdad killed seven soldiers riding in a Bradley fighting vehicle, one of the most heavily armored in the U.S. military.
These highly mobile and quick vehicles can get to places a Bradley cannot.
They can do it through either sheer mass, the bomb is so big it can roll a tank, it can roll a Bradley fighting vehicle.