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bracket / кронштейн, скобка, консоль
имя существительное
bracket, support, carrier, console, hanger, cantilever
bracket, staple
console, bracket, cantilever, stand, angle bracket
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, bracket
fork, yoke, bracket, prong, furcula, gab
ставить наряду
mention, refer, name, make mention, note, bracket
заключать в скобки
bracket, parenthesize
прикреплять кницами
захватывать в вилку
имя существительное
each of a pair of marks [ ] used to enclose words or figures so as to separate them from the context.
symbols are given in brackets
a category of people or things that are similar or fall between specified limits.
those in a high income bracket
a right-angled support attached to and projecting from a wall for holding a shelf, lamp, or other object.
One of York's free-standing gas lamps in the small road off Lawrence Street was to be replaced with an up-to-date electric mercury discharge lamp attached to a wall bracket .
the distance between two artillery shots fired either side of the target to establish range.
The front edges of all example target units are within the same range bracket , and unit A is the main target.
enclose (words or figures) in brackets.
the relevant data are included as bracketed points
place (one or more people or things) in the same category or group.
he is sometimes bracketed with the “new wave” of film directors
hold or attach (something) by means of a right-angled support.
pipes should be bracketed
establish the range of (a target) by firing two preliminary shots, one short of the target and the other beyond it.
You stand up, which is the exhilarating part, to see the fall of shot; then you adjust - add, drop, left, right - till you have the target bracketed .
Remember that infrared film is experimental, so bracket your exposures and be sure to have your film processed by a lab that has worked with infrared before.
The Bamfords have stopped contributing directly to the Tory party, although free helicopter and plane rides fall into the bracket of payments in kind.
There's a lot of welterweight prospects coming through at the moment, like Matthew Macklin and David Barnes, people who Matthew deserves to be classed in that same bracket with.
The C&O used portable dual Mars lights on the forward end of its RDC's, hanging them on a bracket attached to the door and powered via an extension cord.
I don't think a person's economic bracket ought to be a dating criterion, especially since it isn't causing a problem between the two of us.
For tax planning purposes, a general partnership can be a useful method of diverting income from high bracket parents to their children.
However, for the sake of this inquiry, it is necessary to bracket any Pauline understanding of justification.
They bracket the most important questions, the political, legal, and cultural questions that ought to lead Americans to reject state killing.
I normally bracket each exposure at least one stop in both directions (underexposure and overexposure).
At each stage, we bracket together the symbols with the lowest probabilities, and re-order the list.