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bracing / крепление, связь, связи жесткости
имя существительное
bracing, binding, lining, timbering, shore, fortification
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, bracing
связи жесткости
имя прилагательное
bracing, crisp, invigorative, fresh, exhilarant
strengthening, restorative, tonic, fortifying, alterative, bracing
имя прилагательное
fresh and invigorating.
the bracing sea air
(of a support) serving to brace a structure.
bracing struts
make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support.
the posts were braced by lengths of timber
It's easy to imagine Victorian families heading out for a bracing dip, using segregated sections of sea with bathing costumes buttoned up to the neck.
Cool weather, bracing winds and indoor heating can rob skin of essential moisture needed to keep it supple.
This takes the form of two piers connected with cross bracing struts, which also act as a ladder to the top.
Graham had a large mug of hot steaming coffee waiting for me as I bustled into the kitchen, bringing the bracing morning air with me.
They are, no doubt, filling their lungs with the same crystal clear and bracing sea air that used to be found in Victorian times, when the resort was famous for being a spa.
It got cold last night in Ptown; it seemed that in the course of a couple hours, summer blew away and we were whisked right into a crisp, bracing fall.
Two wide wing bracing struts were built from steel tube and balsa wood and fabric covered.
We saw lots of birdlife on the island and had a very bracing walk!
The beds are deeply comfortable, and the sheets crisp and fresh as if they have been hung out to dry in the bracing Hebridean air.
Once the truss landed, workers tilted it to the correct angle and installed permanent bracing struts to the building.