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brace / фигурная скобка, скоба, связь
имя существительное
фигурная скобка
clamp, clip, brace, shackle, staple, strap
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, brace
spacer, strut, brace, spreader, distance piece, crossbar
couple, pair, two, match, twosome, brace
enfold, brace, fold, cope, enclasp, entwine
bind, associate, connect, bound, link, brace
prop, prop up, buttress, shore, support, brace
fasten, bind, brace, staple, bond, attach
reinforce, underpin, back, sustain, corroborate, brace
имя существительное
a device that clamps things tightly together or that gives support, in particular.
a pair of something, typically of birds or mammals killed in hunting.
thirty brace of grouse
either of the two marks { and }, used either to indicate that two or more items on one side have the same relationship as each other to the single item to which the other side points, or in pairs to show that words between them are connected.
This is shown in Figure 7 with the brace indicating the route segment with shorter signpost spacings.
make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support.
the posts were braced by lengths of timber
So it's time to put my strong head on, brace myself and get on with the matter in hand of hopefully offering some support where I can.
a neck brace
Writing throughout his sideman career, the guitarist found himself with a brace of songs that reflected not only his love of rock, but also his interest in other types of music.
Mr Hill was shaking with shock and reaction and taken to hospital with a neck brace , though doctors later decided he had no broken bones.
The piles were tarred ironbark and the beams were kauri with iron brackets to brace them.
Early January also saw the birth of a brace of goats and a couple of antelopes.
This is a frame with wires that come out of your mouth, attaching your brace to a headband.
As the paramedics lifted his body onto the stretcher and applied a neck brace Kim was held back by the police.
The teenager was seen lying on the ground not moving and wearing a neck brace before ambulance crews took him away.
Children whose teeth fall out early due to decay, may not have straight adult teeth and require a dental brace .