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boyfriend / дружок, возлюбленный
имя существительное
boyfriend, pal, chummy
lover, sweetheart, love, dear, boyfriend, valentine
имя существительное
a regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship.
His mum was a single mother who had a succession of boyfriends , none of whom were able to act as a father figure to him or his sister Denise.
denoting an item of clothing for a woman or girl that is designed to be loose-fitting or slightly oversized.
a boyfriend cardigan
a boyfriend cardigan
My German boyfriend has just moved in with me and our relationship has started to fall apart.
Julie has been missing before but is generally found in the company of her boyfriend .
a boyfriend cardigan
On her date, her boyfriend took her to see the film Gladiator which she detested.
A relationship is ended but is far from over when the boyfriend refuses to let go.
She tells me she has a boyfriend who does mathematical modelling for a financial company.
In some cases, their husbands or boyfriends have even paid the £200 cost of them taking part.
Granted, some of the questionees were women, but they all voted for their boyfriends , so they don't count.
And anyhow I am only 19 and I have my whole life ahead of me to have a whole hoard of other boyfriends .