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boycott / бойкотировать
boycott, taboo, thumb down, tabu
имя существительное
имя существительное
a punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.
Two Australian wool bodies have approached the boycott in very different ways.
withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.
The Israeli academic establishment boycotted him.
an advert urges consumers to boycott the firm's coffee
Some have also come forward to say they plan to boycott Terry's goods - or even all Kraft products - in protest at the decision.
The movement to boycott Japanese goods began in the United States in August 1937.
Tonga and Samoa have threatened to boycott the next World Cup unless they receive a better deal.
The art scene was still firmly in thrall to the cultural boycott , which restricted South African artists from showing overseas, and overseas artists from showing here.
Union branches up and down the country held meetings attended by unusually large numbers of members and submitted resolutions calling for the boycott to be dropped.
Later this summer, Parents for Justice also urged its members to boycott the new inquiry.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee cannot meet without at least one Democrat present, so a unanimous boycott would delay if not torpedo the nomination.
A call to boycott US goods from drink to meals, from cars to sports wear, would hit corporate America where it hurts.
Outraged that the Wakefield campaign was going to get even more publicity, a number of leading authorities, who had been invited to participate, decided to boycott the debate.