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boy / мальчик, парень, сын
имя существительное
boy, lad, youngster, houseboy, man-child
guy, boy, fellow, kid, lad, chap
son, child, boy
fight, battle, combat, fighting, action, boy
молодой человек
young man, boy, sprig
имя существительное
a male child or young man.
a group of six boys
used informally or lightheartedly to refer to a man.
the inspector was a local boy
used to express strong feelings, especially of excitement or admiration.
oh boy, that's wonderful!
Two years ago, the youngster took up a job as a newspaper delivery boy to supplement his mother's earnings.
Wheels of fate have already begun to turn my dear boy , ones that can no longer be stopped.
she put her little boy to bed
When the Manchester Evening News delivery boy found that a pensioner on his round had been robbed he decided to cheer her up.
Mr King, who was a bread delivery boy , was handed the child after its father collapsed in front of him in Old Tye Avenue, Biggin Hill.
When I reached the door the redheaded acne covered pizza delivery boy looked very put out.
Weimar is this year's European capital of culture and, boy , does it have culture.
Johansson and Christensen fare worse, though, with frat boy fantasies for characters.
This Christmas, which Matt spent on the Ivory Coast, a local boy got sick and nobody knew what was wrong with him.
oh boy, that's wonderful!