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boxy / квадратное
имя прилагательное
squarish in shape.
a boxy jacket
Once a boxy room with a tiny adjoining cloakroom, it has been transformed into a contemporary double bedroom with sleeping platform and luxurious en-suite wet room.
The shortage of property in the south means that boxy apartments and bog-standard houses in London's squashed suburbs sell for silly money.
They are a great for apartments but they usually have a boxy sound.
The remastering improves the original album's boxy sound; ‘Spring Rain’ finally swaggers instead of plods, as it always should have.
The Saab is perhaps the more ‘traditional’ looking of the two with a higher roofline and slightly more boxy shape.
The exterior locations benefit also from the inherent visual drama of wood-frame houses and boxy , refitted mill buildings seen against the tumescent Berkshire hills.
Mick is a typical twenty something Essex boy, clerking in the Accounts Department of a local business, living in a boxy flat, and hanging out in the bars and clubs of Basildon at weekends with his little gang.
Outstanding beauty was marred by boxy acoustics and the artificiality of studio work.
Jo and her husband live sandwiched between Jason and Amelia, possibly in a row of terraced houses or one of those modern, boxy maisonettes with paper-thin walls.
Particularly in the Third, he and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are let down by the boxy recording, which swallows orchestral detail and produces unmusical balances.