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box / коробка, ящик, бокс
имя существительное
box, case, shell, receptacle, banjo, framework
box, case, bin, kit, chest, locker
boxing, box, ring, pugilism, spar, bout with the gloves
box, spar
box, bleed, turpentine
класть в коробку
имя существительное
a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.
a cereal box
an area or space enclosed within straight lines, in particular.
Introns are shown as straight lines connecting the boxes .
a small structure or building for a specific purpose, in particular.
It's not so easy to guess what device is inside this box and what its purpose is.
a mailbox at a post office, newspaper office, or other facility where a person may arrange to receive correspondence.
write to me care of PO Box 112
a slap with the hand on the side of a person's head given as a punishment or in anger.
she gave him a box on the ear
put in or provide with a box.
the books are sold as a boxed set
fight an opponent using one's fists; compete in the sport of boxing.
he boxed for England
recite the compass points in correct order.
I've ‘ boxed the compass ’ over 14 miles of broken mountains with 'em and come out within 100 meters from start-point.
make a complete change of direction.
by now the breeze had boxed the compass
If he does, the umpire will merely direct the proper batter to take his place in the batter's box while inheriting the count.
Again, recuperative powers allowed him to box cleanly and win the round.
20 euro a box
Clydebank almost grabbed the lead in the 31st minute when their trialist wriggled free in the box , but he shot inches wide of the near post.
a picture of Sandy was in the upper right-hand box
A glass structure links the box with the rest of the house, enclosing the last open corner of the terrace.
Adjacent to each button on the response box was a small light used to provide feedback after each trial.
As a batter steps into the box , Vin tells you where he comes from, what his mother and father do, or what he likes to read.
They continued on like this, until the little box attached to the wall, buzzed.
Simply plant the accelerator, try to keep pace with the gearchanges in the six-speed box and soak up the noise.