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bowling / боулинг, игра в кегли, игра в шары
имя существительное
bowling, kegling
игра в кегли
игра в шары
bowling, bowls, mall
имя существительное
the game of tenpin bowling as a sport or recreation.
The exhausted candidate decided to unwind with a midnight game of ten-pin bowling and asked Klein to join him.
the delivery of the ball.
The Laws of Cricket and the ICC playing regulations both prohibit the bowling of underarm deliveries.
roll (a ball or hoop) along the ground.
she snatched her hat off and bowled it ahead of her like a hoop
play the game of bowling.
I usually bowl Tuesday nights
(of a bowler) propel (the ball) with a straight arm towards the batsman, typically in such a way that the ball bounces once.
Lillee bowled another bouncer
move rapidly and smoothly in a specified direction.
they bowled along the country roads
on paper their bowling looks weak
The trick to troubleshooting any problem in bowling is to find the correct answer for your game.
Some recreational activities were retained to cater for the needs of the ADF population across all age groups, such as golf and ten-pin bowling .
It is comprised of computerised ten pin bowling ; children's soft play areas and birthday party areas.
If you work on these areas, not only will your bowling improve, but so will your mental approach to life.
Cream teas, ten-pin bowling and a visit to Stonehenge are just some of the experiences planned for a group of exchange students due to visit Trowbridge next week.
Putting paid to the myth that bowling is a sport for older people, Girl Guides from Ripon tried out the flat green at the Spa Gardens.
This is the great thing about bowling ; it is a sport anyone can play.
Hoggard likes bowling simply because he likes bowling and he would rather think about his pet dog than the complexities of cricket which so fascinate many other people.
Glamorgan never came to terms with such a formidable target backed up by strong bowling and were bowled out in 39.4 overs for 240.