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bowler / котелок, игрок в боулинг
имя существительное
bowler, pot, kettle, bowler hat, derby, cauldron
игрок в боулинг
имя существительное
a player at tenpin bowling, lawn bowling, or skittles.
Plus, league bowlers pattern their styles after their favorite player.
a member of the fielding side who bowls or is bowling.
There are laws which prevent batsmen and bowlers from leaving the field and returning to bat or bowl as they please.
a man's hard felt hat with a round dome-shaped crown.
It turns out that he's gone round the corner to a Victorian market, returning with a carrier bag containing a top hat, a bowler hat and a bright red feather boa.
He's in five bowling halls of fame as a bowler but is just as deserving as an instructor.
Ajmal is an excellent player and an outstanding bowler .
Graeme, a ten-pin bowler from Haworth, picked up the silver medal in his final event.
If a world-class bowler gets on a wicket that suits his kind of bowling he will get wickets.
‘All I could do was play in the streets with my mates,’ said the bowler , batsman and wicketkeeper.
On the other side of it, what if an illegal-action bowler bowls a batsman out consistently?
He has the making of a perfect cricketer - solid batsman, outstanding fielder and a handy bowler .
He was an excellent fielder, particularly in the covers, and a decent bowler of leg breaks.
Steven, of Shipley, who has learning difficulties, is a tenpin bowler .
Today, you see beginning bowlers showing up on league night with six or eight balls.