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bowl / чаша, миска, шар
имя существительное
bowl, cup, chalice, pan, beaker, winebowl
bowl, dish, basin, tureen, pan, pipkin
ball, sphere, bowl, globe, orb, glob
cup, bowl, pan, basin, bob
vase, bowl, water-glass
roll, run, trundle, bowl along, troll, bowl
метать мяч
играть в шары
roll, trundle, wheel, troll, bowl
подавать мяч
serve, bowl
имя существительное
a round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid.
a mixing bowl
a stadium for sporting or musical events.
the Hollywood Bowl
a ball made slightly asymmetrical so that it runs on a curved course, used in the game of lawn bowling.
You will find there is less catchment area for the wind to affect the bowl on its course.
roll (a ball or hoop) along the ground.
she snatched her hat off and bowled it ahead of her like a hoop
play the game of bowling.
I usually bowl Tuesday nights
(of a bowler) propel (the ball) with a straight arm towards the batsman, typically in such a way that the ball bounces once.
Lillee bowled another bouncer
move rapidly and smoothly in a specified direction.
they bowled along the country roads
But there is a bowl of milk and a bowl of food under a certain bush.
On the bus ride to the regional scholastic bowl competition, Rhea and Jonas shared a seat and a box of donuts.
They unscrewed a Mason jar inside a toilet bowl to get that hollow, massive echo.
I usually bowl Tuesday nights
Whatever happened to the classic kitchen table method using a salt and pepper pot, a sugar bowl and a vinegar bottle?
The suggestions included the following amongst others and left me with images of whole families perched on the toilet bowl indefinitely.
a mixing bowl
Combine 3 cups flour and the salt in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade.
Mr Schoefisch says things could bowl along for another year or two, but at some stage there will be a correction, which could be quite dramatic.
He had come to India to bowl those Indian batsmen out and not to get killed by Wes Hall.