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bowel / кишечник, кишка, сострадание
имя существительное
intestines, bowel, guts
intestine, gut, bowel, hose
compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, ruth, bowel
bowel, gut, disembowel, draw, embowel, paunch
имя существительное
the part of the alimentary canal below the stomach; the intestine.
The large intestine or large bowel consists of the colon and the section before the anus, the rectum.
The upper cut end of the bowel is brought out through this opening and the edges are stitched to the margins of the opening.
Cancer of the small bowel , the longer, thinner part of the intestines is much rarer.
One baby was lying on each side of her stomach but her bowel sat in a band across it, and was so heavy it was like carrying a third child.
bowel cancer
This misplaced tissue may be found on the ovaries, uterus, bowel , pelvis and abdomen.
It coats the inside of the bowel and makes it easier to see on the x-rays.
Less commonly, endometriosis can occur on the bladder, bowel or other organs.
The pelvic floor is formed of layers of muscle that support the uterus, bowel and bladder.
the lining of the bowel
Peritonitis causes the normal bowel movement to stop and the bowel to become blocked.