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bowdlerize / выбрасывать все нежелательное из текста
remove material that is considered improper or offensive from (a text or account), especially with the result that it becomes weaker or less effective.
a bowdlerized version of the story
It's one thing to bowdlerize copy for family consumption, it's quite another to make it sound like someone is being suspended in an act of ultra-PC idiocy because you don't print the actual quote that got them in trouble.
‘The music is a bowdlerisation of Handel's coronation anthem, Zadok the Priest,’ she says, which we presume is a bad thing.
The first intimations of serious trouble came from Trieste, where the censors savagely bowdlerised Stiffelio 1850.
No, it wasn't ‘walk and chew gum’, it was ‘fart and chew gum’, as you well known; it was bowdlerised for popular consumption.
In 1979, he discovered that ‘some cubby-hole editors’ had bowdlerized his book in 98 places.
I'll confess I didn't realize how much his stuff got bowdlerized for the airwaves.
I knew ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was usually bowdlerised so that at least the heroine survived but in the version in this book she ended up eaten.
This classic example of politically correct bowdlerism is not the end of the world, to be sure.
The shape of the great tales, so often bastardised and bowdlerised , is lost without the fine-weave and fibre of the prose itself.
Mistress Quickly's lines were severely bowdlerized in the 19th century.